Do not even think about leaving for the train station or airport before you have read our top six list of essential apps to help you travel on business smarter.

Apps for business travellers


This is a pretty neat app. Flight+ puts all of the travel information you need, routes, departures and arrival times in an easy to navigate layout. The app covers more than 16,000 airports and every major carrier, and you can sync your itinerary with your calendar. The app runs on iOS and is free to download. Check out for more details.


This is one of our favourites. Enter your flight number and consult one of SeatGuru’s 800 cabin layout charts and get details about legroom, seat-back amenities, recline ability and proximity to the bathrooms. The app runs on Android and iOS, check out for details.

City Maps 2Go Lite

If you’re like us you’ll visit new cities all the time and you’ll want to know how to get around when you’re there, but you won’t want to pay roaming fees for the privilege (we don’t blame you, neither do we) This app offers more than 6,700 maps from around the world, your first two maps are free and unlimited access costs just $2.99. The app runs on Android and iOS click here for more information.


This is one of the most reliable real-time navigation apps you can get. Waze has over 50 million members contributing up-to-the-minute information, from accident alerts to the cheapest petrol stations. Other notifications include traffic slowdowns, speed traps and construction zones. Hands-free voice controls make it safe for solo drivers and the app runs on Android and iOS, head to for more information.

Google Translate

Travelling overseas on business can mean having to communicate in a foreign language. Google Translate has over 64 languages available for written and spoken translation, the app is super easy to use and best of all it’s free. Available on Android and iOS, download from Google Play or from the App Store.


If you’re travelling on business and happen to get sick, mPassport will be your best friend. The searchable database lists more than 6,700 reputable doctors and 1,500 vetted clinics around the world. The recommended doctors speak English but the app also suggests translations for common symptoms and prescriptions. The app runs on Android and iOS, head over to for more information.

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