As visitors walk through the exhibition hall their decision to walk onto your stand is based on nonverbal clues, also known as body language.

Body Language

Making eye contact, being friendly, professional and smiling are all key things you should be doing to attract people to your stand. Smile when you talk and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Here are our tips on exhibition body language


  • Avoid rolling your eyes as this can look like you’re being dismissive
  • Don’t rub your eyes, this is a sign of being secretive
  • If you wear glasses don’t peer over them as it can suggest scrutiny
  • Avoid covering your mouth with you hands as this can signal deceit
  • Do make eye contact as this signals interest


  • Avoid tilting your head down as this can give the impression you disapprove
  • Tilt your head to one side to show interest
  • Have your head in a neutral position to signal an open attitude


  • Don’t cross your arms as this is a major sign you’re not interested
  • Leaning forward with your arms open displays interest
  • Never sit down as this shows you can’t be bothered
  • Avoid gossiping with your colleagues on the stand as you’ll look unapproachable and rude

One of the main reasons you are exhibiting is to establish new working relationships. By paying particular attention to your body language you’ll ensure you are creating the right environment for success.

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