It’s no surprise that social media will continue to advance this year, but what’s next? How will this effect the way you do business and how can you use new advancements to ensure you are fully engaging with you customers.

SM advancements

Here are the big social trends to be engaged with this year:

Mobile over desktop

In 2015 mobile usage surged, desktop usage won’t disappear completely but it will certainly take a back seat.

New optimisation approaches

Online marketers have relied on SEO and PPC advertising but now digital assistants such as Siri and Cortana can be optimised to answer consumer questions. This year more businesses will be looking to ensure they can be easily discovered via virtual assistant than just a listing on the web.

The rise of virtual reality

Lots of virtual reality devices are scheduled to launch in the next few years. The popularity of virtual reality will introduce a new form of online advertising that connects social media platforms, video channels and direct messaging.

Increased spend on advertising

Businesses are expected to set aside a large portion of their budgets to digital marketing this year.

Buy buttons are on the increase

By the end of 2016 most major social media brands will feature some sort of buy button as a natural element of their advertising. Facebook and Pinterest are two of the social media platforms that introduced the new ‘buy’ features for advertisers and users, meaning if you see a product you like through a sponsored post you can purchase it through one click.

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