What you do on twitter before, during and after an exhibition can be critical in increasing engagement and overall success. Twitter can help you to create brand awareness and a buzz around the next exhibition you are attending.


Here is how you can tweet your way to exhibition success.

  1. Ensure that your twitter feed has a profile and cover picture that’s clear to see (grainy images are an instant turn off)
  2. Create a hashtag that you use at the exhibition. Keep it short so that it’s easy to remember
  3. As the exhibition nears you can use Twitter to release information about who will be attending your stand, any guest speakers or new products you are launching
  4. Favourite the tweets that mention your exhibition. Twitter is all about interaction
  5. Ensure that your Twitter handle and any hashtags that you want people to use are easy to see on your exhibition stand. Consider having boards made detailing social platforms that you want people to engage with
  6. Take photos and share these through your Twitter handle. Twitter is creative and people love to look through photos of other people!
  7. Consider running a competition where you give away small value prizes for people who tweet about your stand and include the hashtag
  8. Tweet as much as you like, Twitter is about informing and educating. As long as what you are tweeting about has relevance to your audience it will engage them
  9. If you have the resource consider having someone on the stand to manage all your twitter/social media activity
  1. After the event make sure that you thank all your new followers. Respond to tweets and any direct messages as soon as you can and keep your Twitter feed running to continue expanding your network

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