Making exhibitions more sustainable is something all businesses are interested in. We talk about the way exhibitions are becoming greener and tips to make your next exhibition more planet friendly.



The build of an exhibition stand involves a lot of materials including timber, graphics, cardboard packing, bubble wrap and lots of other materials. Previously all of this packaging was thrown in a general purpose skip but this is changing:

  1. Today most exhibition stands are built to last and are reused for multiple shows. Companies are becoming more ‘green’ aware and quite often when we are designing exhibition stands we ensure they are as sustainable as they can be. Custom-build stands look great and are built in a tactile and modular way making these reusable for different shows and different clients.  If you would like to save money and help the environment ask us to include one of our stock reception desks on your stand! They look as good as bespoke desks but are budget conscious and environment friendly.
  2. Pre-planning is key with this one and pre-booking your space for future years is one way to future-proof your stand. We can store your stand for re-use year after year. A great way to help the environment and protect your marketing budgets.
  3. Reduction of printed brochures is a great way to keep your stand green! As a way of being more sustainable and saving money company brochures are now becoming available for people to download, or relevant content will be given away on a USB stick. A one page flyer with a QR code directing you to a companies’ products online is becoming more and more common, and it’s great news for the environment.
  4. Green ‘water-based’ paints are a fab way to protect the environment. It’s likely that your contractor is already using this this but why not ask?
  5. Graphics are often a large part of an exhibition stand and there are lots of different types including tension fabrics, vinyl, PVC and foamex. Foamex or tension fabrics are the best materials for re-use – why not ask your contractor to supply these and spread the use over a few shows? Half the cost and a lot of smiley trees!
  6. LED lighting is becoming more and more popular and costs are slowly reducing as time goes by. Most contractors are slowly phasing out their old lights in favour of LED and it’s only a matter of time before exhibition halls all over the world will be power saving, green machines!

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