Follow our guide to ensure you get the absolute most out of every exhibition you attend.

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Set clear objectives

Clarify your exhibition objectives by asking yourself:

  • Why are you exhibiting?
  • Are you launching a new product?
  • Do you want to generate new leads?
  • What do you want to sell?
  • What results do you want to achieve

Outline your budget

Costs for your exhibition will include:

  • The cost of building your exhibition stand
  • Promotional materials, competitions, brochures, giveaways
  • Any advertising or PR
  • Costs for staff, travel, accommodation and food

Plan your stand

What do you want your exhibition space to look like? If it’s a smaller space can you build upwards? If you have a larger space do you need to divide specific areas? Consider furnishing and lighting, what is your branding going to look like?

Develop a marketing plan

Promoting your attendance at an exhibition is really important. There will be an exhibition guide that you can feature in but it’s worth seeing if there are any other PR/Marketing or social media opportunities that you can be part of. You could consider being an exhibition sponsor for example. Advertise on your own website and social channels to increase interest.

Train/manage your team

Ensure your team is fully briefed and prepared for the exhibition ahead. Hold daily briefing sessions to make sure every member of the team understands their role and discuss any issues. Read our blog on exhibition staffing strategies for more information.

Exhibition day

On the day ensure you arrive in plenty of time so you feel prepared. Other tips include:

  • Being approachable at all times
  • Pay attention to your body language – no folded arms
  • Know the products on your stand
  • Be familiar with the venue, you’ll be surprised how many people ask you where the toilet facilities are
  • Schedule plenty of breaks if you can. Stay hydrated and wear comfortable shoes

Measure your success

Once the exhibition hall closes it’s your chance to follow up on all the new contacts that you made. Separate hot and warm leads and don’t leave it too late to follow up.

It’s important to work out if your costs were within your budget, what you should have done differently, could you benefit from a bigger or smaller stand for example?

You can measure your ROI by taking your total gross profit/total cost of the exhibition. This will be a good indication of how successful it was.

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