It’s important to set yourself measurable objectives and goals to reach at every exhibition you attend. Objectives and goals need to fit into your overall marketing plan and they should be referred to continually. Here we talk you through some exhibition goals that we believe you should consider.


  1. To generate more leads – generating additional leads and widening your network should lead to increased sales. Read our blog post on the most effective ways to follow up with leads after an exhibition
  2. To develop your relationship with existing clients – when you exhibit you will be promoting your brand to new and existing clients. It’s important to remember to nurture existing relationships at every exhibition you attend
  3. To recruit – many companies use exhibiting as an opportunity to grow their team. Is this something that you need to consider and build into your plans for the next exhibition you attend?
  4. To create a buzz and brand awareness – are you looking to raise your brand profile or create a buzz around a new product you are launching?
  5. To see what your competition is doing – often people exhibit to see what their rivals are doing? An exhibition provides the perfect opportunity to check out your competitors

Your exhibition goals will determine your strategy and you need to think about which ones are more important to you. Prioritise two or three goals and ensure you succeed at achieving these.

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