The difference between a decent exhibition handout and an average one is huge, and with so much competition in an exhibition hall how do you ensure people actually engage with your handout?


Here we walk you through what you need to consider when you’re thinking about handouts for your next exhibition.

  1. Be clear. What message do you want to convey and what do you want people to remember? Use your handout to communicate what makes your company different from the one on the next stand. Why should they pick you? This may sound obvious but it’s often overlooked.
  1. We have all been to an exhibition stand and had several different shaped leaflets and business cards thrust into our hands. But which one do you remember and more importantly keep and act on? We always think a single sheet handout or a small catalogue is the best bet as it says enough without it being too much to read. If you’re looking to save on cost consider a digital catalogue that you direct people to. Create a small handout with a QR code and web address and invite people to view online at their convenience. Offer an incentive to visit your website (discount code for example) and the chances are people will make the effort.
  1. Have a think about where you are going to place your handouts and consider buying a rack if you don’t have one already. Placing handouts on a table looks great at 9am before anybody has visited your stand, but give it an hour or so and it will soon start to look really messy. Placing all handouts and literature in a rack will ensure everything stays organised, neat and tidy.
  1. Your handout needs to fit in with the rest of the exhibition experience. There has to be a consistent theme running through in order for people to remember you. Consider giving away branded flash-drives and other effective giveaways to add to the experience on the stand.

The most effective handouts should strike the balance between being unique, attractive and useful.

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