Giveaways are a useful way of brand building and engaging with your audience. Whatever you decide to give away at your next exhibition think creatively and ensure your giveaways are aligned with your company’s key objectives.

Give away

Here is your guide to effective exhibition giveaways

Giveaways should focus on visibility and they need to be memorable and designed around your brand name and logo. Think about items that you would find useful on a day-to-day basis at work, some ideas that we find always work well include:

  • A tote bag
  • Branded post-it notes
  • Branded marshmallows (quirky and edible is always a winner)
  • Branded USB stick, this may sound boring but everyone uses them and they come in a variety of creative shapes and sizes
  • Touch screen cleaning cloth
  • A care pack that contains essentials for surviving an exhibition (aspirin, a pen, notebook, bottle of water)

If you’ve decided not to have any brochures on your stand why not upload all relevant copy onto a branded USB stick that you can give to people.

Think about your budget and keep in mind that it’s sometimes cheaper to order larger quantities. If you are ordering more than you need for the exhibition that you are attending ensure that the messaging is generic and doesn’t contain any dates that could mean the products become useless.

Quality over quantity is always the best bet, it’s far better to hand out fewer items to select and targeted prospects than to hand out cheap items to everyone.

Give aways

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