Maximising your exhibition investment should be one of your priorities and regardless of whether you have a very generous budget or smaller one there are creative ways to ensure your exhibition stand makes an impact.

Creative Elements

Here are a few creative elements you can incorporate into your stand.

Video and animation

Think beyond using static images on your exhibition stand. Having videos to tell your brand story or showcase the new product that you are launching will add a creative element and help you to stand out from the other exhibitors in the hall.


Ensure that your branding is consistent throughout your promotional material to give your exhibition stand clear identity. If it’s appropriate and your budget will allow incorporate bold graphics to draw attention. It’s so easy to just blend in with the other exhibitors in the hall. Make sure you think as creatively as you can when it comes to your graphics.

Social media

Integrating social media into your exhibition stand will add another level of creativity. It’s a valuable addition and will really enhance your branding. Consider creating a hashtag that’s bespoke to your brand and the exhibition you are attending. Some stands have a live twitter feed running on the TV screens that enhances the visitor experience.


Looking good will leave a good impression. Ensure all your team is coordinated, it could be the same braded t-shirts, shirts or jumpers for example. Whatever you decide it should look sharp and clean.

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