Social media advancements to look out for this year

It’s no surprise that social media will continue to advance this year, but what’s next? How will this effect the way you do business and how can you use new advancements to ensure you are fully engaging with you customers.


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Strike a pose

As visitors walk through the exhibition hall their decision to walk onto your stand is based on nonverbal clues, also known as body language.


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5 tips for staying organised through exhibition season

When you exhibit at an exhibition you will have a ton of things to organise and therefore it’s pretty imperative that you’re organised. Follow our tips below to ensure you have organisation down to a tee.


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Emergency exhibition checklist

We always have a kit box handy and as an exhibitor you should have one prepared and with you at every exhibition you attend. […]

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The best apps for business travellers

Do not even think about leaving for the train station or airport before you have read our top six list of essential apps to help you travel on business smarter.


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5 exhibition mistakes you didn’t know you were making

With a busy schedule of exhibitions it can be easy to forget things and sometimes even do things that will hamper your efforts. Here at the five common exhibition mistakes most people don’t realise they are making. […]

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Effective exhibition handouts

The difference between a decent exhibition handout and an average one is huge, and with so much competition in an exhibition hall how do you ensure people actually engage with your handout?


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How to make your exhibition green

Making exhibitions more sustainable is something all businesses are interested in. We talk about the way exhibitions are becoming greener and tips to make your next exhibition more planet friendly. […]

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5 tips for using iPads, tablet and touchscreen displays on your exhibition stand

Can you remember a time without iPads and tablets? We use them every day and they have become one of the essential items to have on an exhibition stand.


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Exhibition Specialists for the Sign and Print Industries

We are lucky enough to have a luminous portfolio of clients, which allow us to attend signage and print shows across Europe and the UK. An area of expertise for us, we are passionate about all things print.


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