Creative elements to incorporate into your exhibition stand

Maximising your exhibition investment should be one of your priorities and regardless of whether you have a very generous budget or smaller one there are creative ways to ensure your exhibition stand makes an impact. […]

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5 time-saving tips when you exhibit

We all like the idea of being able to save time but when it comes to exhibitions there are days where you wonder where time has gone. To help you out we have compiled a list of timesaving tips, give them a go at the next exhibition you attend.


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Exhibition Goals

It’s important to set yourself measurable objectives and goals to reach at every exhibition you attend. Objectives and goals need to fit into your overall marketing plan and they should be referred to continually. Here we talk you through some exhibition goals that we believe you should consider. […]

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Five things every exhibition stand should contain

From organising hundreds of exhibitions we have outlined the five things that we think every exhibition stand should contain. […]

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How to have a successful corporate event

Planning a corporate event can be fun, but it can also be a very daunting task. We talk you through the steps you need to take to ensure your corporate event runs smoothly and successfully. […]

10 ways to effectively generate leads

Here are 10 effective ways you can generate more leads and sales. From attending relevant exhibitions, to engaging with your target audience through social channels and designing Infographics.


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Essential items you need at an exhibition

We have attended a fair few exhibitions in our time and our essential list of what to take should help your exhibition run smoothly.


Three key tips to add value at your next exhibition

Exhibition success is about more than showing up with a smile on your face. Here are our top three tips to add value at the next exhibition you attend.


Top 10 tips for presenting at an exhibition

If your exhibition requires you to make a presentation (big or small) it will require a degree of planning and preparation. Read our top 10 tips on how to deliver the perfect presentation.


5 things you should do at an exhibition

If you’re heading to an exhibition this week here’s our checklist covering the 5 things you need to do.