Work-life resolutions

Having a work-life balance can often seem like an on-going battle and it can be something that people strive for their whole career. We are encouraging you all to set yourself some realistic work-life resolutions that will help to make 2016 your best year yet.


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Break the ice

Networking can be awkward and for some it’s tricky to know what to do and say. Don’t be put off from attending networking events though as they can be extremely useful for building your contacts and generating new business.


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Contingency planning for your next exhibition

We talk about exhibition planning a lot and that’s because it’s a really important part of the whole exhibition process.

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Creative elements to incorporate into your exhibition stand

Maximising your exhibition investment should be one of your priorities and regardless of whether you have a very generous budget or smaller one there are creative ways to ensure your exhibition stand makes an impact. […]

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Exhibition attendee guide

If you’re attending an exhibition it’s always a good idea to plan out which stands you want to see and ultimately what you want to get out of your visit. […]

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A guide to measuring exhibition success

Having a thorough de-brief after you attend an exhibition is really useful. It makes you address every element and it highlights any areas that you need to change. Here is our checklist to get you started. […]

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5 ways to get noticed in an exhibition hall

Follow our top five tips to ensure your exhibition stand gets all the right attention. From lighting and approachable staff to giving your guests something to drink.


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5 time-saving tips when you exhibit

We all like the idea of being able to save time but when it comes to exhibitions there are days where you wonder where time has gone. To help you out we have compiled a list of timesaving tips, give them a go at the next exhibition you attend.


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How to make the most of your exhibition experience

Follow our guide to ensure you get the absolute most out of every exhibition you attend.

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Tips to stay calm during a busy exhibition

Follow our five top tips to ensure you breeze through each exhibition you attend.

Get organised – get to the venue you are exhibiting at in plenty of time to allow you to organise everything before the doors open. This way you’ll feel ahead of things and in control from the get go
Know your role – this may sounds obvious but knowing what is expected from you and what other team members roles are will prevent stress and help to keep things running smoothly
Stay hydrated – it’s so easy to forget to have a drink when you are on your feet and busy all day. Staying hydrated will ensure you feel fresh and alert at all hours of the day
Get a map – every exhibition will have maps of each hall. It’s a good idea to see where you are and also pre plan any show walks that you want to do
Have business cards to hand – this is key and it’s one of those things that’s so easy to forget. Have everything you might need to pass to a potential new client within reach to avoid you fumbling around in a panic.

For more handy exhibition hints and tips head over […]

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