Networking can be awkward and for some it’s tricky to know what to do and say. Don’t be put off from attending networking events though as they can be extremely useful for building your contacts and generating new business.

Breaking the ice

To help you break the ice we’ve shared our tips to make it that little bit easier.

Be open

It’s important to approach networking with a positive attitude and be open and willing to engage with people you haven’t met before. If you feel nervous try smiling at people you come in eye contact with and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to strike up a conversation. Avoid negative body language (crossed arms and head down).

Don’t go alone

If you’re really unsure about attending a networking event take a colleague or friend along with you. If you’re nervous having someone there whom you know can help. Just make sure you don’t spend the night just talking to your colleague/friend!

Plan ahead

Prepare some questions to ask. Questions like, “Have you been to these networking events before” or “How long have you worked at your agency?”. 

Be direct

Introduce yourself by your full name and ask a question. It could be relating to the work they do (if you’re familiar with that), the speech they just gave, or simply comment on the event. Being conversational will help the conversation to flow. Keep questions open-ended and offer comments that allow others to probe for more information.

Challenge yourself

Practice talking about yourself. This can be tricky for some but when you are at a networking event it’s important that you’re not the one just asking questions.

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