Having a thorough de-brief after you attend an exhibition is really useful. It makes you address every element and it highlights any areas that you need to change. Here is our checklist to get you started.


The stand

  • Did the stand work as you expected?
  • Was the branding strong enough and did you have stand out in the exhibition hall?
  • Did you have enough storage on the stand to ensure it remained clean and organised throughout?
  • How could the stand work better next time?

Questions to ask exhibition staff

  • What worked and what didn’t work on the exhibition stand?
  • Did you find it easy to move around the stand?
  • Were you able to locate material you needed easily on the stand?
  • What was the feedback from visitors on the stand?
  • Has everyone recorded new leads effectively and passed these to the sales team?


It’s worth asking some visitors to fill in short feedback forms. It’s important to understand:

  • What visitors thought to your stand, what did they like and what didn’t they like?
  • Was the stand easy to move around?
  • Could you see everything on the stand easily?
  • Were staff on the stand attentive?
  • Could you do anything to improve the experience on the stand?


  • Did you promote your attendance at the exhibition enough?
  • Did you use social media channels as much as you could?
  • What could you do more or less of next time?
  • Did you use all the brochures you had printed?
  • Were the sales brochures on the stand useful?

As you work through this list you will find yourself asking additional questions that will help you to analyse how effective your exhibition was. Involve a mixture of the team to get a really good overall view of how things went. It’s important to focus on the positives and the negatives to ensure you look at every element. Exhibitions are expensive and they are a big commitment. Spending time having a thorough debrief will help to ensure you have successful exhibitions time and time again.

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