Follow our top five tips to ensure your exhibition stand gets all the right attention. From lighting and approachable staff to giving your guests something to drink.

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  1. Have great lighting. We have talked about this time and time again and that’s because great lighting is one of THE most important things you need to get noticed. We often talk to our clients about lightening and recommend different options that are available. We can’t stress enough how important it is.
  1. Tidy and friendly exhibition staff. We have touched on this point a few times too. Your staff are a representation of your company so it’s imperative they are well presented and they always look approachable.
  1. Have products available for people to touch and feel. People love to touch and feel tangible things. In an age where everything is sent on email it’s refreshing to be able to physically hold something in your hand. It’s a great talking point and icebreaker when your next new client is able to hold the product you are trying to sell to them.
  1. Hand out freebies. Read our guide to exhibition giveaways here if you’re not sure where to start. Everyone likes a free pen and paper bag but try to ensure you don’t waste money on giveaways that don’t reflect your brand.
  1. Food and drink. Having something for people to eat when they are wandering around your stand is a huge plus. Give them something to drink as well and you are onto a winner! It could be cupcakes and champagne or flavoured water and finger food. Think about something that’s easy to prepare and doesn’t smell your exhibition stand out too much.

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