Can you remember a time without iPads and tablets? We use them every day and they have become one of the essential items to have on an exhibition stand.


Touchscreens can have such a great impact on an exhibition stand and the great thing is they are really easy to use. Whether you use a smaller handheld tablet or a larger device that people can interact with, using touchscreens offer multiple advantages.

Ways that we have seen touchscreens used at exhibitions we have attended include:

  • Access to digital brochures and new products launching at the show
  • Game station
  • Sales presentations
  • Access to company website/social media channels and blog
  • Visual impact to engage audience
  • Lead gathering

Here are our 5 tips for using touchscreens on your exhibition stand

  1. Using tablets at exhibitions is effective but ensure everyone on the stand knows what they are there for and how to use them. It’s also really important to let your exhibition design and build team know how many touchscreens you will have on stand so that these can be built into the plans at the beginning of the project.
  1. Encouraging people on a stand to engage with a touchscreen is a great way of educating without being too pushy, it’s ideal for people who prefer to research their requirements independently before approaching a sales person. We have seen so many exhibition stands that include touchscreens and have queues of people waiting to get involved.
  1. Always have a plan for using technology without Wi-Fi. We have all been there I am sure! The exhibition hall will have Wi-Fi signs everywhere but you always need a back up plan for when the Wi-Fi connection doesn’t work. There are thousands of people using the same connection and this can slow things down considerably. Look into a data plan so that you don’t have to solely rely on Wi-Fi or arrange dedicated wifi from the venue (be careful though, it’s often expensive).
  1. Ensuring all devices you have on your stand are clean is an absolute must. Touchscreens will be touched by thousands of people throughout the day and it’s important to keep them fingerprint free. Nobody wants to engage with a dirty screen. Have plenty of fresh cleaning cloths and hand sanitiser available and train staff to clean tablets regularly.
  1. Keep screens on at all times and ensure the screen doesn’t lock and require passwords to work. Extend the duration of the time-lock setting or use a looping video.

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