When you exhibit at an exhibition you will have a ton of things to organise and therefore it’s pretty imperative that you’re organised. Follow our tips below to ensure you have organisation down to a tee.


Have a checklist

Kick off your exhibition planning with a checklist of all the things you are going to need. This will guarantee you stay organised and ahead of the game. Here is what an exhibition stand briefing checklist should contain.

Diary reminders

Whether you like an online diary or paper version you have to get all the key dates for supplier meetings, exhibition design feedback dates, when you need to order the branded bags for your stand. Get everything into a calendar and you won’t miss a thing.


If you talk to anyone who’s pretty organised you’ll hear that delegation is key to staying organised. In the build up to the exhibition delegate tasks to team members and have a schedule that everyone can refer to.

Have some introduction lines prepared

Speaking to hundreds of people over the course of an exhibition can be great but it can also get pretty tiring and you will get to the point where you feel like you’re repeating yourself. Prepare some introduction lines before you get to the exhibition hall.

Make use of business cards

You’ll receive a fair few business cards at an exhibition, don’t just stuff them into your bag. We always make notes on business cards we receive. It’s a great way of reminding yourself about the conversation you had with that person, you can then reference key points in a follow up email making it more personal.

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