With a busy schedule of exhibitions it can be easy to forget things and sometimes even do things that will hamper your efforts. Here at the five common exhibition mistakes most people don’t realise they are making.



1. Not having a social media plan

Thinking that you will have time to sort out your social media during an exhibition is a mistake, you’ll be far too busy to do this properly. Social media is one of those things that you think will take two minutes but it can end up taking much longer. Either organise yourself before you arrive or give the job to someone to manage. Use Twitter/Facebook and Instagram to connect with people and showcase your show- stopping exhibition stand.

2. Not having a walk about

One of the main reasons we always say to wear comfortable shoes is because it’s really important to walk through the exhibition hall. It’s really useful to check out the other exhibition stands and what new products are launching. A show walk gives you the opportunity to check out what your competitors are doing and also identify any brands that you can partner up with.

3. Not training and briefing your staff

Yes we know we’ve touched on this before but it’s really important. Just assuming that everyone on your stand knows what they are doing is a huge mistake. Hold regular briefing sessions and test your team members, they should know the products you are launching, your website address and twitter handle and if they don’t you need to ensure they do, before the exhibition starts.

4. Not taking care of your display

Your exhibition stand should look its best throughout the exhibition. Make sure you keep on top of cleaning and organising your stand each night and at the end of the exhibition pack everything away properly to avoid anything getting damaged.

5. Giving away your giveaways too easily

You’ve spent time and effort sourcing the perfect giveaway that ties in beautifully with the exhibition theme and your brand, don’t just hand them out to anyone who passes your stand. Hand giveaways to people who you engage in a conversation with, that way you won’t run out of giveaways on the first day.

Avoiding these mistakes will ensure your next exhibition is a huge hit. For more handy exhibition hints and tips head over to our twitter feed @DriscollBrother and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram

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