5 things successful exhibitors avoid

There are certain things that successful exhibitors will avoid in order to have a successful exhibition. Here we take your through our top five things to avoid.

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How to make your exhibition green

Making exhibitions more sustainable is something all businesses are interested in. We talk about the way exhibitions are becoming greener and tips to make your next exhibition more planet friendly. […]

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How to have a successful corporate event

Planning a corporate event can be fun, but it can also be a very daunting task. We talk you through the steps you need to take to ensure your corporate event runs smoothly and successfully. […]

10 ways to effectively generate leads

Here are 10 effective ways you can generate more leads and sales. From attending relevant exhibitions, to engaging with your target audience through social channels and designing Infographics.


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5 tips for using iPads, tablet and touchscreen displays on your exhibition stand

Can you remember a time without iPads and tablets? We use them every day and they have become one of the essential items to have on an exhibition stand.


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How social media can increase your presence at an exhibition

Using social media to advertise your presence in the weeks leading up to an exhibition is really important. It’s also useful for keeping up to date with what’s happening, and it can help you to generate more business leads.


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Exhibition Specialists for the Sign and Print Industries

We are lucky enough to have a luminous portfolio of clients, which allow us to attend signage and print shows across Europe and the UK. An area of expertise for us, we are passionate about all things print.


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How to travel like a pro

Travelling with work can be rewarding, you get to see new places (well some of the time depending on your work schedule) and it’s ideal if you’re not a fan of working in an office five days a week. […]

Essential items you need at an exhibition

We have attended a fair few exhibitions in our time and our essential list of what to take should help your exhibition run smoothly.