Exhibition staffing strategies

Your exhibition stand looks impressive and you are ready for the start of the exhibition you have been planning for months. But are you really ready? Are your team of exhibition staff ready?


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The importance of exhibition planning

Every exhibition you attend requires planning and it’s vital that you maximise every opportunity available to you. The more planning that you do, the more you will get out of the exhibition.


A day in the life of an exhibition manager

Planning and managing exhibitions is the career to opt for if you like meeting people and hate being stuck at a desk all day. It’s a hectic job though and managing numerous clients who are attending different exhibitions all over the world can be challenging.


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Five ways to cut exhibition travel costs

Whether you travel overseas to an exhibition or you stay in the UK costs can mount up. There are ways you can reduce expenditure though, it just requires some organisation and forward thinking.


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How to manage international exhibitions

Exhibiting in the UK is one thing but when you move to exhibiting overseas it can be a daunting task. Different time zones, cultures and language barriers can make it more complex.


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