Three ways to increase sales at an exhibition

Many companies attend exhibitions to grow their contacts, increase brand awareness and make sales. Exhibitions attract potential customers and they are a great opportunity for a business to showcase the best of what they have. They also provide ample time for networking.


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The power of a good testimonial

What your customers say about you is pretty crucial to business success and a good testimonial will always sell you better than you can sell yourself. Are you using testimonials to your advantage though? Do you even ask for them?


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Famous business quotes we can all learn from

We love a good business quote to motivate us on our way. Here are some of our favourite business themed quotes from some people you may have heard of.


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Sign & Digital UK Exhibition Guide

Sign & Digital UK showcases the latest innovative products, technologies and services across the sign, display and print industry. The exhibition attracted more than 6,100 visitors in 2014 and this year is set to be even bigger.


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How to avoid scams and stay safe when away on business

When you travel on business, not only are you preoccupied with your job, you have to negotiate a different country too. Staying safe when you’re away on business should be your number one priority. There are new scams all over the world that don’t just target tourists.


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Three tips to make your exhibition digitally advanced

We know you’ve heard it a hundred times so we won’t labour the point about digital advancements and the difference it has made to the way we all work. What we will say it that you shouldn’t be afraid of embracing it, there are small things you can do that can make a huge difference to your next exhibition.


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