How to make your next exhibition a success

The exhibition season may be drawing to a close for 2014, but it’s the perfect time to sit back and plan for 2015.

If the exhibitions you attended this year didn’t really blow your socks off, there are a few things you should bear in mind to make 2015 your best year ever.


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Why the exhibition industry craves face-to-face communication

It’s hard to imagine how we worked before e-mail, mobile phones and texting. Fax machines were in constant use and we had to pick up our desk phone and chat rather than send an email or a text. We used to meet face-to-face more often too.


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5 ways to make your team meetings worthwhile

If your team moans and groans about a team meeting, the chances are they find it boring – sorry but it’s true.


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Seven tips to stay creative

The exhibition industry requires a creative mind, we are constantly being challenged by clients to come up with new ways to design stands and we’re always excited to see the level of creativity at each and every show we attend.


ADIPEC Show Guide

ADIPEC is ranked amongst the top 3 oil and gas events in the world. Over 1,800 exhibiting companies and 20 international pavilions will be showcasing 1,000’s of products. Situated where East meets West, ADIPEC is the world’s new meeting point attracting over 2,000 exhibiting companies.


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Top 10 French Facts

To celebrate the start of Cartes tomorrow, we thought we’d educated you all on some Paris facts – you could even drop them into conversations at the show.


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