10 tips to keep your clients happy

In our last post we touched on how to keep employees motivated and happy. Here we look at how to ensure your clients are happy, because we all know one of the secrets to success and not having sleepless nights, is having happy clients.


The do’s and don’ts of pitching

Pitching can be a nerve-racking process, whether it’s your first time, your 10th time or whether you’re a seasoned pro, pitching can be a hard skill to master.


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How to measure the success of your exhibition

You probably don’t think you have the time (you actually probably don’t have the time) to measure the success of an exhibition, but it’s one of the most important things you and your team need to do.


What your desk says about you

Look around, what does your desk look like? Is it a space of tidiness and order, or does it resemble a teenager’s bedroom on a good day?


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Show Guide – Bett 2015

Bett 2015 is the leading learning technology event and has been bringing innovation and inspiration to the education sector for over 30 years. Let’s put it this way, it’s huge. Over 35,000 people will be attending the show when it kicks off on 21st January.


Make yourself comfortable at your next event or exhibition

It may seem simple but you’ll be surprised by the amount of uncomfortable looking people we see wondering around exhibition halls. Here are our 5 tips to ensure your next exhibition is a comfortable one.


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Proud to support Sony at Plasa 2014

The overview

This year we were extremely proud to be able to support one of the world’s largest names in the technology industry. Here’s how we made Sony a success at Plasa.


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10 travel tips every exhibitor needs to know

With exhibition season in full swing it will inevitably involve travel. Whether you are travelling by car, plane or train, these top tips should get you through.


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Get organised with our guide to Gulfood Manufacturing

Dubai is calling as the Gulfood Manufacturing Show kicks off in November. It’s the biggest food and beverage industry event for the Middle East, Africa and Indian Sub Continent and this guide will take you through all the details to make organising your trip as easy as possible.


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Get organised with our guide to The World Travel Market Exhibition

Ok, time to get ready for the world travel market exhibition next month. To help you on your way we have compiled a handy guide of how to get to the show and our recommendations of where to stay – aren’t we nice!


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